Sporting Fields

KISSS can be installed into existing turf or into a new site without turf.

Using the KISSS Plow, KISSS can be installed (usually 6” to 8” deep and 20” to 24” apart) in most soil types without trenching the field. The plow leaves a small scar that will repair quickly but, importantly, the field can be played on almost immediately after completion.

A dual plow can be pulled with a standard three-point linkage. Using the correct KISSS products, connections in the middle of the field can be kept to a minimum or eliminated completely.

Sporting Fields

A soccer field can be plowed with KISSS in one day using an experienced installer. It may take up to a week to complete the installation (connections, water source, etc.) so there will be minimal down time for the users of the field.

Preparation and post-installation care of the field will help the process. Preliminary watering is very important to ensure there is sufficient soil moisture to make plowing easy. After the installation a fertilizer program will ensure rapid turf recovery.

Unlike any other type of irrigation, KISSS allows the field to be watered at any time – even during a game. If the field is using recycled water, the water never reaches the surface so there is no danger of inhaling pathogens.

Some temporary overhead watering is recommended (especially if seeds or stolons used) until grass cover is established. KISSS will take it from there.

Liquid fertilizer can also be injected into the system as desired.

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