Recycled Water

The KISSS Products such as Safety Flow Wrap and Flat are ideal for the use of recycled water in all areas and suit the full range of soil textures and they have a lilac defection tape identifying the water as not fit for drinking.

Both products can be used in the same way as Below Flow Wrap as well as for aerated waste treatment systems (AWTS) in domestic and commercial sites as secondary treated sewage.

Filtration is the key to keeping the system clean as well as regular flushing. A common flush line in each zone will allow the operator to flush all the KISSS lines regularly to keep them clean and this can be automated if desired.

Specialized KISSS Plows can be used in large landscapes to reduce labor costs and to insert the KISSS materials into existing lawns and soil areas without trenching and without disturbing the soils natural profiles.

The KISSS Wrap is suited to half barbed fittings available at most hardware and irrigation resellers whereas the KISSS Flat has spinlock fittings that ensure a very tight fit and these can be ordered through resellers.

The low pressure range of KISSS product means that very large high pressure pumps are not required so energy costs can be reduced.