Greenhouse and Nursery

The KISSS Ebb&Flow Mat is an intelligent capillary irrigation system for nurseries and greenhouses. The central geo-textile layer of the Ebb&Flow Mat transfers water via upward capillary action to the soil in the pots and trays as it is needed by the plants. Virtually all the plant material sitting on the Ebb&Flow Mat receives the same amount of water, assuring that no plants are over-watered or under-watered. Meeting each plant’s need for water assures plant health and vitality.

The Ebb&Flow Mat irrigation system is suitable for greenhouse and nursery plants of all varieties from flowers to vegetables. Converting a greenhouse or nursery to the Ebb&Flow Mat irrigation system is easy and cost effective. The product can be readily installed on the ground or retrofitted onto greenhouse benches and shelves.

Ebb&Flow Mat uses up to 60% less water than spray irrigation and eliminates the labor costs and plant loss costs of hit-or-miss hand watering. In retail nurseries where customers frequent the growing areas, Ebb&Flow Mat eliminates garden hoses, water on common areas and the often-present slipperiness.

Greenhouse Outdoor Nursery