Green Roofs

KISSS sub-surface Textile irrigation (STI) systems for green roofs allow high quality, water conserving, sub-surface irrigation to be implemented in coarse green roof and roof top garden soils. Other sub-surface irrigation systems, like sub-surface drip, have traditionally not been able to provide a viable solution because of poor water distribution in such soils. However, KISSS’s green roof irrigation does provide the solution. Our KISSS systems (KISSS Flat and KISSS Wrap) are manufactured and shipped in rolls of 656 feet for easy transport and installation.

The Ebb & Flow Mat can be used on sloping roofs.

Why a Green Roof?

  • Reduces run-off and the over-burdening of the sewer system
  • Addresses the urban "heat island effect"
  • Extends the life span of the roofing membrane
  • Adds insulatio nto the roof, thus saving energy to heat and air condition the structure below
  • Filters rain water

Why Irrigate a Green Roof? And Why KISSS?

  • Roof-exposed plants must have water to survive
  • If plants fail, the roof will fail to provide the benefits above
  • KISSS irrigation will not blow off in the rooftop winds
  • There is no overspray to stain exterior building facades
  • KISSS irrigation achieves good water distribution in coarse, cultured rooftop soils