Domestic Lawns and Gardens

KISSS provides a really simple solution for domestic lawns and gardens.

A roll of KISSS Wrap is 656’ long so you can irrigate 1,000 sq feet assuming 18” between lines (see specifications page on website for appropriate products).

The roll will run 656’ from one take off and then finish with a gate valve for flushing making it very simple and quick to install. This results in two connection points instead of 20+ connections as is seen in other irrigation methods.

The system can simply be “snaked” up and back in a serpentine pattern and, with the correct pressure (25-30 psi), the pressure-compensating drippers inside KISSS will distribute the water to the geotextile evenly. This creates a broad elliptical wetting pattern that will keep a lawn green and the entire garden healthy.

A small filter and pressure reduction valve will be required and you should consult local authorities for other requirements in your area.