Park and Recreation

KISSS can be used on undulating grounds, especially KISSS Wrap with pressure compensating non-drain emitters (PCND). It can be laid close to tree roots. Because of the wide wetting pattern, there is far less pipe compared to drip and there will be fewer solenoids and other irrigation component.

Using recycled water is not a problem with KISSS because water never reaches the surface and the geotextile ensures that nutrients get distributed over a very large volume of soil. Elements such as potassium and phosphorous do not build up too quickly and this ensures longevity of soil health and minimal risk to human health.

KISSS can be irrigating while people are enjoying a picnic on the grass!

Vandalism and accidental damage is not an issue because most of the system is unseen and out of the reach. This results in a significant reduction in the cost of repair and operating costs in general.