Median Strips and Roadside Lawns and Gardens

KISSS BelowFlow products are the perfect answer to the often hard to water margins between sidewalks and streets, medians in highways, and islands and peninsulas in parking lots. These areas typically have overspray that is dangerous, a waste of water and often forbidden by building codes. At a time of extreme water shortages in many parts of North America, eliminating run-off of water onto streets and down the storm sewers is a critical step towards meeting the ever-increasing laws and codes precedent being introduced around the nation.

Because KISSS BelowFlow products have no surface parts to be vandalized or broken, repair costs in these very busy hardscape areas becomes virtually nil.

Using KISSS (usually the Wrap product) in medians will allow an installer to cover 1,000 square feet of area with one roll of KISSS and only have two connections.

This is done by laying KISSS in a serpentine pattern at 20” lateral spacing and terminating the line into a gate valve for flushing or a flush line.

This saves a lot of install time and materials and reduces the ongoing maintenance.

Road Median Median