Subsoil Irrigation

Most farmers don’t have the money or the water to waste on irrigating paddocks for field crops.

Well consider using KISSS at 5-10’ spacings in the subsoil( depending on capillary action of the soil) as a way of charging the subsoil profile in crucial periods of the pasture/crop cycle.

In Australia KISSS has successfully produced crops in wheat and forage sorghum way above normal yields by doing just that.

Special Parcel of Land

KISSS can be used in a small section ( say 10%) of your land to ensure against seasonal variations in rainfall and conditions .

It can be installed at 8”-14” depth and at 3.5’ spacing ( or more depending on soil type) and can be turned on when the conditions are right to bring on a crop earlier to get the best price in the market or extend the harvest time because water is applied to the root zone and not the surface of the soil.

So if water is in limited supply ,then it can be conserved to the time its needed and by having a dedicated plot of KISSS you know you will always have some return in the worst times.