Row Crops

KISSS Subsurface Textile Irrigation is ideal for row crops (grape vines, citrus trees, nut trees, etc.).

KISSS can produce a wetting pattern up to 1.5m wide in a good loam soil. In sandy soils this might be only 1m wide. Growers can install KISSS close to, but not on top of, crucial roots in row crops to ensure moisture is readily available.

KISSS Flat is ideal for long straight runs in row crops and has been installed in vineyards in very hot dry conditions in Australia and into tree crops in the sands of the Middle East. KISSS Wrap may also be used effectively.

If the soil has good capillary action, KISSS can be installed in the center of every second row making it a very economical alternative to other systems.

Organic Growers

KISSS is a great system for organic growers because it is installed no less than 8” deep so the top ¼” – ½” is kept dry. With a dry surface (unless there is rain of course) weeds find it much harder to germinate making weed control a lot easier.

Long Lengths

KISSS is quick to install with the KISSS plow. This plow is attached to a tractor using a standard three point linkage. Very large rolls can be made upon request with up to 1,300’ on a single roll.