KISSS Wrap (also known as KISSS BelowFlow Wrap or BFW) can be used in flower beds, around plants, shrubs and trees as well as in irregular and sloping installations where the material must be bent and turned to conform to various garden shapes. Because of the deep and healthy root structures that form with proper KISSS installation and use, Below Flow Wrap is effective in high traffic areas. It is also effective in high wind areas, medians and other grass or bed areas close to pavement, along tree rows and wind breaks, esplanades, botanical gardens, tennis courts, etc.

Below Flow Wrap

KISSS Wrap Explained

Dispersion layer: The layer on top of the product acts as a boundary between the soil and the emitter. It forces the water into the geo-textile which then begins the capillary action of water into the soil. This eliminates water tunneling to the surface creating wet spots and points of water waste.

Geo-textile: Starts the capillary movement of water into the soil by providing infinite number of points along the textile where water makes its way into the soil which has its own capillary movement of water. The geo-textile maintains moisture uniformity along its length providing a consistent and uniform source of water to the soil and to the root structure. In essence, the geo-textile fabric acts as a single, contiguous emitter.

If using recycled water request Safety Flow Wrap.

Below Flow Wrap Explained