KISSS Flat (also known as KISSS BelowFlow Flat or BFF) works by pulsing water through the lateral lines over prescribed cycle times each day at low pressures between 6 and 32 psi. The water running through the lines disperses upward from pressure compensating emitters to the dispersion layer which forces the water into the geo-textile which runs the length of the material. Downward or vertical percolation is reduced by the polypropylene anti-percolation layer that is exclusive to the Below Flow Flat. This then allows the soil to absorb the water from the capillary geo-textile at its own rate based on the soil’s need for water. These components working together in the KISSS irrigation system are the basis of the patented technology behind the system.

Below Flow Flat

KISSS Flat Explained

Dispersion layer: The blue tape on top of the product acts as a boundary between the soil and the emitter. It forces the water into the geo-textile which then begins the capillary action of water into the soil. This eliminates water tunneling to the surface creating wet spots and points of water waste.

Geo-textile: Starts the capillary movement of water into the soil by providing an infinite number of points along the textile where water makes its way into the soil which has its own capillary movement of water. The textile maintains moisture uniformity along its length providing a consistent and uniform source of water to the soil and to the root structure. In essence, the geo-textile fabric acts as a single, contiguous emitter.

Polyethylene tube with pressure compensating emitters:: Delivers water to the geo-textile at low pressure ranges when system is activated.

Anti-percolation layer: Minimizes downward percolation of water reducing water loss. The backing forces the water to move upward and laterally into the soil keeping water at the root zone.

If using recycled water request Safety Flow Flat.

Below Flow Flat Explained