Our Products

  • Gravity Series

    KISSS Flat

    The most efficient of all KISSS products and suitable for most irrigation installations. BFF delivers water straight to the root zone. Uniform wetting ensures that minimal amounts of water are lost to evaporation, surface runoff and deep drainage. KISSS Below Flow Flat acts as a powerful, non-chemical deterrent to roots entering, and blocking emitters – a common problem with traditional subsurface drip irrigation systems.  

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  • Mountain Series

    KISSS Wrap

    For use in installations with tight corners, uneven terrain and in small backyards.

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  • Road Series

    Ebb & Flow Mat

    Designed to meet the needs of the water hungry nursery industry, Ebb&Flow is surprisingly simple to install and to operate. Based on the KISSS technology the system eliminates the need for wasteful overhead watering. When compared to overhead watering systems Ebb&Flow can save as much as 60% water usage.

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  • City Series

    KISSS Plow

    The KISSS Plow is designed specifically for the installation of KISSS Flat and KISSS Wrap.

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